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Indecisive tast buds hate this page.

You’ve hit the mother load of flavor. There are around 50 wet and dry toppings and over 20 flavors or frozen yogurt. We aren’t sure what the total number of possible concoctions is, but we are sure you’ll have enough to leave yourself completely and deliciously satisfied. And remember to experiment. That’s the fun of eating yogurt here with us!

Oh yeah, we almost forgot. Frozen yogurt has less calories than traditional ice cream, and we offer both regular and fat-free frozen yogurt. We’re not saying our stuff is as good for you as crunching on a carrot stick, but it won’t get you punched in the face for being lame either. Swirl a cup, toss in some fruit and you’ve got yourself a guilt-free snack that the rest of your body will love.

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Swirl It will have all the classic frozen yogurt flavors that you love, and all the toppings to make them taste even better. But part of our Flavorful Fun philosophy is giving customers like you the opportunity to vote for the flavors you want. Go ahead. Let your taste buds be heard. Vote for the flavor you would love to swirl. The flavors that receive the most votes will be added to our customer favorites. You must be a Pro Swirler to vote!